How much did it cost and/or how long did it take?

Hi Everyone,

I was recently negotiating with a potential client who asked me to create a "quick" marketing piece in Replay like this one from Mike Enders -> Bring life to any objects on your slide. I was also required to embed this piece into a marketing communication using Constant Contact to send out to his mailing list.

Let's just start by saying I did not win the business. Even so, I still think I'm on track with my projections. I was very detailed with my proposal so that it was clear how long each piece of the puzzle would take to accomplish. 

While only Mike can really answer the question of how long it took him and/or how much it cost to do it (and I'm hoping he does), I'd be curious to know the community's thoughts on how long it would take you to do it and how much you think it would cost you to pull something like this together.

Thanks in advance!

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