How should we evaluate the right LMS if we DO know we'll be using Articulate?

Nov 11, 2016

Hi there!

To be candid, I'm an urban farmer. Just so happens the urban farming model we've developed has gone viral and now we have 500+ people across 20+ countries wanting to start a branch of our non-profit organization. 

We see Articulate as a crucial tool to help us take our content and transform it into a stunning design! Yet, we're not 100% on how to decide which LMS to use.

We do know the LMS needs to:

  1. Plug-in with Wordpress
  2. Accept either AICC, SCORM 1.2, etc.
  3. Be low cost since we're boot strapping this

But other than those constraints, what criteria might we use to evaluate the right LMS? Does anyone have any preferred systems? If so, why?

Thanks a bunch!

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Justin,

Congratulations on having your urban farming model go viral! That's awesome!

If it must plug-in with Wordpress and be SCORM compliant, I'd be looking at integrating SCORM Cloud. There are other LMS's that plug-in to Wordpress, including the relatively cheap TalentLMS... but in my experience, you really do get what you pay for.

Is there a reason why it needs to be AICC or SCORM? Because if you were open to considering Tin Can API (also known as xAPI), then you could use LearnDash. If you want to explore this option, I'd have a chat with the people at Uncanny Owl.

Hope that helps.

Tim Danner

Be sure to go with a vendor whose product works well with and is designed to handle Articluate-based files/content. We recently moved one of our non-credit courses to our university's other, newer LMS, Canvas, and have had continual headaches.

My testing prior to the move didn't reveal any issues. But once the course was running, we gradually started encountering problems, like Studio 13 content suddenly not loading, then loading fine, then not loading. (Studio 09 content loads fine.) Yesterday, we discovered some embedded images in Engage activities weren't displaying in Canvas, even though they were displaying fine everywhere else, including on a different LMS.

We've also run into issues with how Canvas displays the content (too small) and its horrible SCORM functionality.

I've come to the conclusion that Canvas and Articulate products don't work well together.

Matthew Bibby

Rise should work fine in LearnDash Justin. I haven't tested it, but I'm fairly confident if would be okay and on the off chance it wasn't, I'm sure that both LearnDash and Articulate would be keen to get it working.

I don't currently have a LearnDash instances set up, otherwise I'd test it for you. But you should be able to publish a Rise course (using the 360 trial) and ask the good folks at LearnDash if they could test it for you.

Or perhaps someone here who uses LearnDash can confirm it's all good?