How to access a common scene from other scenes and return/continue

Hi there,

I have in a modular Storyline project a common scene which should be accessed (if needed) from slides/triggers inside several other scenes. After accessing that common scene, how can I return to the original slide/scene?

So for example we have several different scenes: Scene 1 (slides 1a, 1b, 1c... 1n), Scene 2 (slides 2a, 2b, 2c... 2n), Scene 3 (slides 3a, 3b, 3c... 3n), and the Common Scene 4 (slides 4a, 4b, 4c).

In scenes 1,2,3, on a slide (for example 1b, 2b, 3b), the user may opt to see scene 4 so we have a trigger jumping to scene 4. After going through scene 4, how can I return to the same slide/scene from where scene 4 was accessed? So how can we return from 4c to 1b, 2b, or 3b depending on where we jumped from?

I can do this with lightbox slides + navigation buttons (after a lightbox sequence, it returns to the initial scene/slide), but I can not format the lightbox and I need to have the full slide size.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions,


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Eric Nalian

Hey Mihai,

My first thought for this was to use variables.

  • Each slide will have its own T/F variable.
  • When the user opts to view scene 4, I would assume they would click a button - let's just call it Scene 4
  • On each slide, there will be a button called 'Scene 4', and when clicked a variable would change states from False to True.  So if on slide 2a the 'Scene 4' button was clicked, the 'Variable 2a' would change from false to true.

Now in scene 4, the 'Return to Course' button, lets just call it 'Button X' would have a trigger associated with it that says 'If variable 1a is true, jump to slide 1a', 'If variable 1b is true, jump to slide 1b', etc... for each slide.

Button X would have a second set of triggers that say 'When Button X is clicked, change Variable 1a, b, c, etc... to False'.

This should allow you to jump to/from Scene 4 from any slide.

Hope this helps.

Eric Nalian

Phil Mayor

Similar to Eric but different

I would have a single variable SlideNumber, have a button on each slide to jump to your common scene, before jumping set the variable to your slide number.  Set a close button for your common scene that has triggers to jump to a specific slide on condition that variable is equal to the value for that slide.  Copy and paste that button onto every slide in your common scene.

These sort of things always work best if you switch off the player controls and have common onscreen controls