How to provide a resource file for download only when e-learning has been completed?

Hi, I would like to provide a resource pdf file for donwload, to make it easier for people to prepare an exam ... but only in case the e-learning has been marked as "completed"  - let's say 90% of slides have been visited.

Any idea how this could be done? The resource tab can be switched on but then the resource slides are always visible ...


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Nicole Legault

Hey there Matthias!

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. 

One thing you can consider is actually hiding the Resources tab, and only making it available when they reach a certain later part of the course. If you double-click on a slide to bring up Slide Properties you'll see you can change "Player Features" to be "custom" and then select/de-select which options you want (including the Resources tab) for each individual slide. 

Hope this helps :)

Matthias Friedrich

Hi Nicole,

this helps partially. The reason: we have a larger series of e-learnings, so once people know that there is a "resource" slide, they might just jump to this slide and download the file, and not longer follow the e-learning.

Actually the e-learnings are built up in the following way:

Each e-learning has several chapters (scenes) and one conclusion scene (where the resource slide is contained, too). For entering the chapters and the conclusion, we have an index slide that allows you to jump to each of the chapters in arbitrary order. At the end of each chapter you automatically jump back to the index slide. After having visited a chapter, the button that leads to the specific chapter changes its state to highlight that this chapter is done already.

From the index slide, at any time the user can jump to the conclusion chapter (and access the resource slide).

So - how can I make appear the resource slide only if a certain amount of slides (e.g. 80%) has been visited?

My idea is: Delete the entry from the menu, and create a conditional button to access the resource slide (or the conclusion chapter). This button should become active only when a certain amount of slides has been visited. But I don't know how to set this condition.

There is a counter somewhere as you can track the progress as an option when publishing ... could this be used (and how) ?

As additional information, I would like to give a graphical feedback about the percentage of slides that a person has visited ... how could this be done?

Thanks for your help.

Nicole Legault

Hi Matthias!

What you want to do is definitely possible, it's just a matter of setting up all the variables and triggers. As Chris S. mentioned above, you can use a Number variable to track the amount of slides that are visited. I would follow these steps:

  • Create a number variable (called, for example, Slide_Counter) with a default value of "0" 
  • On each slide, create a trigger that "Adjusts the Slide_Counter variable by adding 1 to it". You can just create this trigger once and then copy paste it onto your other slides, or even put it on your slide master. 
  • With this in place, your Slide_Counter number variable will increase by "1" each time a slide is visited.
  • So let's say there are 60 slides you want the learner to see before the "Resources" object becomes available, you can make it so the Resources state is initially "Hidden" and it becomes "Normal" when the Slide_Counter variable is equal to 60 more more. 

Keep in mind though, that if the learner clicks back and revisits a slide, it will continue to add "1" every time they visit the slide, unless you set up additional triggers that prevent that from happening. You would at least need to add a conditition to the trigger that it only adds 1 the first time the slide is visited. How does SL know its the first time visiting a slide? You'd need to use either a state or variable to indicate that. 

Also, about your second question of creating a visual progress meter > yes, you absolutely can do that. Once again, it will require states, triggers, and variables. You'll probably want to put the progress meter on a slide master, and set up triggers that reveal various states on your progress meter (the various states on the progress meter represent the various levels of completion in the course) as certain variables are adjusted while the learner advances through the course. If you're using the number variable from above, you could even use that variable to adjust the progression of your meter. Like, when they reach 10 slides (Slide_Counter variable is equal to 10, for example), the progress meter shows a specific state that correlates to 10 slides being done. 

Hope this helps! :) 

Matthias Friedrich

Hi Nicole, Chris,

thanks. I think this could work: set a slide_counter variable that adds 1 each time a slide is visited for the first time (setting up a state or variable indicating that). And then change the state of the resource variable from "hidden" to "normal".

Is there any example available showing how to set up the counter variable and the "visited for the first time" indicator?

Thanks a lot.

Matthias Friedrich

Hi Chris, sorry for my delayed response. And thanks a lot for the example file.
Storyline 3 can open (convert)  Storyline 2 files. The example already looks pretty good ... and brings me to an additional question.
As long as you do not close the e-learning this is fine. But what if for whatever reason the user needs to close the e-learning and wants to proceed later ... all variables are lost and he needs to start from scratch again. Is there a way to store the status of the variables when closing the e-learning?


Chris S.

Dear Matthias

sorry also from my side for the late reply, the time to check on the "E-learning Mail folder" was very limited recently.

I quickly checked one of my courses which is on our LMS (SCORM1.2) and when I choose resume where I left the course, I had all my variables correctly safed. In our LMS (CLIX) I can delete the participants' specific SCORM data. In my understanding, the variables are safed in this SCORM data and therefore still available once the user retake the course.