How to allow learners to retake quiz questions that are in different scenes

Jul 11, 2019


I'm trying to think of a creative way to allow learners to retake just quiz questions if they happen to fail a course. Currently there are different scenes for each learning topic, and each scene ends with a question or two that are graded that all report to a single results slide at the end of the course. The trouble is that if they fail they would have to go through the entire course again to get to the questions to retake. Our hope is that if someone gets to that point and fails the course, is there a way to allow them to answer just the questions again for a chance to not retake the entire course? Hopefully I've explained that well enough, and thanks in advance for any help!

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Judy Nollet

The option Melanie linked to sounds like it will work for you if (1) you only want users to retake the questions they got wrong, and (2) you have Storyline 360.

If you want users to re-answer all the quiz questions and/or you use Storyline 2 or 3, there is a way to allow users to re-answer the questions without having to step through all the slides in between. The solution involves conditions and variables.

  • Create a T/F variable with an initial value of False. For this example, I'll refer to the variable as "Retake," but you can name it whatever you'd like.
  • Do the following on quiz slides that are not followed by another quiz slide (i.e., on the last quiz slide in each scene): Adjust the triggers for the Continue buttons on both the CORRECT and INCORRECT layers. (This assumes you're providing feedback for per question.)
    • Edit the existing "Jump to next slide" trigger by adding a condition to do that if the Retake variable is False. That is what will happen the first time the user goes through the course.
    • Add another trigger that jumps to the first quiz question in the next scene if the Retake variable is True.

  • On the Results slide, add a trigger that adjusts the value of Retake to True. 
  • Thus, when the user retries the quiz, the last question in each scene will jump to the first question in the next scene when the user clicks the Continue button.

Note that this fix will mess up navigation if the course allows the user to review any slide via a player-level Menu. In such cases, extra conditions could be used to skip the quiz questions altogether when reviewing content. That'd be done by adjusting the NEXT button triggers on the slides right before quiz questions.

If you're not familiar with conditions and variables, I suggest you take the time to go through Articulate's support materials to learn about them. They're great for controlling navigation.

Otherwise, another option is to have a Results slide for each scene, and only let the user continue to the next scene when they've passed that quiz.


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