How to animate a group of objects into a center object

Wanted to post this question from a blog reader along with the solution. If anyone has any ideas for modifying or approaching this effect differently, please share


... I have created a PowerPoint slide where I have one graphic (computer) in the middle of the slide, and then five separate graphics surrounding the computer...  I would like to know how to have all five graphics 'dive' into the middle graphic simultaneously and dissolve...  Is that fairly easy to do??  I would appreciate your advice and/or assistance.  Thank you in advance!

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Bob S

Hi Dave,

Motion paths are a great way. However, I always seem to struggle with getting them lined up right. So I try to minimize the number of things going on at the same time. I do that by grouping objects and applying an effect.

In this case, I simply added a couple of transparent objects at the bottom of the slide to get the spacing correct. That way the "group" shrinks right into the computer screen (instead of above it).

And of course, you can apply any of the other canned PPT exit effects to this group if you prefer.