How to break into the business of voiceover?

Aug 25, 2015

I know of a great voiceover talent. She has all the qualities people look for in a voiceover. However she doesn't know how or where to start to access the market place. Does anyone have any advice about where she would begin to look into this business? Attached is a sample of her voice.

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Julie Kaylin

Hi Maree,

I'm a full-time voice talent, and one of my specialties is recording eLearning voice overs. Your friend definitely has a great voice! But as you and your friend probably know, it takes more than a great voice to book voice over takes a great deal of marketing as well!

I assume based on your friend's demo that she is most interested in eLearning voice overs? There are many ways she can go about finding voice over work in that area.

One way would be to contact various instructional designers and eLearning companies directly (either through phone or email), send them her voice over demo, and ask to be considered for voice over opportunities.

I'm also a huge fan of using social media to find potential clients. Of course, your friend can use LinkedIn to connect with instructional designers and eLearning professionals who might be in need of voice overs. And besides LinkedIn, I've also found that Twitter is an excellent way to market my voice over services.

Your friend can also always join voice over casting sites like or and receive audition opportunities. Some people are big fans of those types of sites, but for various reasons, that is definitely not my preferred way to go about finding voice over work. But I just thought I would throw that out there because to each his/her own!

So I hope this information is helpful, and if you're interested in hearing some of my work, please check it out at and Also, if you or your friend would like any additional information from me, please feel free to let me know, either through this thread or by contacting me at I'm happy to help!

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