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Chris Foster

Hi David,

Absolutely Storyline is up to the job. I made a pedestrian safety course in SL last year, which has various scenarios involving walking around our factories and warehouses.

I mapped out what scenarios I wanted to cover and each possible outcome such as following the pedestrian walkways, not following them, entering no-go areas, looking before crossing etc.

I recruited someone to star in the films, then walked behind them with my camera. I shot a lot of short bits of film then built them all into SL as a branching scenario course. 

It was very well recieved, a popular course  for sure - perhaps because our staff had a chance to make our Training Officer get run over by a fork lift truck...  : ) 

Darren Robinson

Hello David,

First, that's a really cool website. These types of interactive lessons with scenarios like in your example are what I absolutely love doing, and soon to be making. 

Second, I imagine Storyline can handle it quite well. There's a trigger option that allows you to pause the media until something happens. The questions asked could be on a separate layer so it dims the base until the learner answers the question. 

David McKay


Thank you for getting back to me. As much as many products say what they can do on the side of the tin - nothing beats hearing it from the trenches. I have much more confidence now in proceeding with Storyline 360 for this particular venture.

Any and all tips on how to best achieve this within Storyline 360 are most welcome...


Sarah Hodge

Hi David! It looks like the awesome community members have some great advice and tips for you. I just wanted to chime in and share this article on how to create interactive videos with these Storyline 360 features. It has some helpful tips and a few Storyline 360 examples to possibly spark some ideas on what you can do. I hope that helps!