How to Calculate a Voice Over Narration Script

Mar 14, 2014

If I'm given an approved, final narration script for voice over audio recording, I like to know the script's total duration in minutes so I can:

  • schedule my recording studio time, and
  • know how much to bill the client.

I follow EdgeStudio in New York via their email newsletters, and only recently discovered a FREE and fun tool they have on their site for calculating minutes of a VO script. I wrote about it, and calculating scripts in general, on my blog. I used Articulate Replay to create the video.

Hope this helps, and please share your suggestions and ideas!

(4 October 2016 - I have "retired" from e-learning, and so will no longer respond to this post. I deeply appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions, and I will miss this community very much. All the best to you.)

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Steve Flowers

That calculator is handy. I've used it a few times to rough out estimates. 

I like Ivona for TTS. Used this for the longest time for scratch audio until I discovered the easy way to batch process TTS on a Mac. See the attached for the process I use for scratch TTS generation.

I build individual text files for each piece of audio using another process (not manually). This serves double duty in some outputs. I can bring these files in as a screen transcript.

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