How to call a trigger on typing in a text field

Hi! I'm doing a system simulation where the user types in a number in a text field and then show an image if the number is typed correctly. For e.g. Type 300.00 in the text field. As soon as the last digit is typed, I need to execute a trigger to show an image on the screen as this is how the real system works. 

The trigger only executes when the text field loses focus. I want to be able to do it when the focus is not lost and still in the text field. 

Does anyone have any workarounds?

Thanks for your help.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Shamil

if you are publishing to hmtl5 the text is entered dynamically as the user types - see attached sample. I've got it to display a pic at 300 not 300.00 but  you might be able to fudge something this way


Shamil Velhal

Hi Wendy. Thanks very much for the file. Yes, it works for HTML for doesn't work for Flash until the object loses focus. Even with JS it will have to wait for the object to lose focus.

Hopefully Articulate adds this feature for Flash output. In most systems these days, objects change on screen as data is being typed. So if we are using Storyline for system simulation then objects/values on screen change dynamically without having to click outside the fields.

Thanks again for your help.