How to capture numeric data...and then do some basic maths?

OK, so this may not be possible, but I thought I would ask anyway! I am currently scratching my head trying to think of way of doing this....but I am sure that there are plenty of Articulate gurus amongst you who may have had this issue before or be able to point me in the right direction.

1. What I want to do first is enable the learner to be able to enter numeric data in to a certain field.  It would be great if this was embedded within a graphic, say a calculator or a entry point on a spreadsheet.

I need the learner to enter a few fields in this way.  Some of the data could be from drop-down lists or it could be simple data entry.  I think this could be done with Quizmaker???

2. I then want my e-learning module to be able to do some simple maths with the numbers e.g. adding, multiplication, division or subtraction, and then to show the learner the result.

3. Finally, my ideal would be to present the results graphically....say in graph or pie chart graphic, but I know that is asking a lot!  If not, then just presenting the results in numeric format would be sufficient.

I think this is way out of my technical capability, so any help or ideas would be really appreciated! Thanks!

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Kevin Collins

I will let other Articulate gurus speak, but I'm guessing you can't do this within Articulate's capacity on its own. I use a product called Xcelsius which can capture a spreadsheet and generate a .swf file which then can be inserted in an Articulate page. Xcelsius is a very cool product but it is not cheap.