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Paul Shearer

Hi Theresa, have you thought about trying to design the course in a game scenario. There are plenty of examples on google, try and keep the game mechanics simple. Some ideas are earning points, badges for meeting objectives or completing scenarios etc. Not sure if fits in with what you want but sometimes even the most dry subjects can be made more engaging. 

Dave Goodman

Theresa - Business Continuity is anything but boring - it is all about serious risks and the means to reduce it. Start the first screen with a short video - the actor is a former employee of "Ajax Co." who was laid off due to the lack of Business Continuity. Tell the story of this impact on a single person and their family or a single person's abrupt career change. Or, do something similar with the first screen being a newspaper/socialmedia  image that states "Ajax bankrupt - 540 people in Peoria, IL out of work (or your company's town)". Boring content is overcome by making it into an emotional story, you must grab the learner's interest and engagement from the beginning. The actual content of business continuity is laid out by topic and can be told from your :actor's: point of view. Challenge the learners to think and become engaged immediately. Good luck.

Theresa Cassisa

Thank you for your response.  I think you've gotten my creative juices flowing again.  I am going to approach it from the perspective you've mentioned, but since it's for a government company I will approach it from the lack of services and the impact on the broader community and not on individuals.

Many thanks!!

Dave Goodman

Theresa - I am not suggesting that you create a game (even though would be quite interesting). My approach would be more of emotional tugs. If topic 2 was on IT issues, you might start out scr 1 with a picture of an IT center that was destroyed by a fire with a tag line "How did we get into this disaster - no offsite resources"? Then, as you go through the screens on topic 2, you could walk backwards - what happened, why did it happen, did we not plan for this, etc. Toward the end of the course, you could display the first emotional screens from each topic and make it into your assessment with questions about corrective actions to be taken, knowing the warning signs, testing different scenarios, etc. Good luck.