How to Cook a Turkey in Articulate Storyline

Hey Gang! It's been a while since I've had the chance to post something new here, so I thought I'd share something related to my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!

I actually created this example last year, but didn't get it finished in time to post it for, I waited a WHOLE YEAR to post it for you all to see.

I also had the chance to showcase this example at mLearnCon DemoFest earlier in the year. I was thrilled to walk away with the Wisetail award.

If you need help with your first Thanksgiving turkey, or you simply want to see something cool in Articulate Storyline, click here to see this course in action!

I also wrote a short blog post about it here.



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Melanie Sobie

Congrats on the award!  Love what you created. In addition to what the others have commented, you've created an excellent example of how a few strategically placed cropped photo images can work well with flat design graphics. A mix of photo images and graphics doesn't always work well together.

Michael Menge

Great job! If I didn't know it was done with Storyline I would've thought it was some kind of app, super cool. One question and I hope you don't mind sharing your secret: How did you creat the blurred backgrounds when a new information pops up? I hope it's not a blurred picture in the background as I once did it :)