How to create a quiz that "knows" what content learners need to work on?

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My team is trying to come up with a way to create a quiz in Storyline that "knows" what topics a learner needs to work on.  For example, let's say it is a 10 \-question quiz.  Questions 1-5 are about animals and questions 6-10 are about flowers.  If a user got questions 1-3 wrong but all of the other one correct, we'd want the feedback to say something like "You should go back and review the content about animals, but your flower knowledge is great."  Like the quiz knows that 3/5 animal questions are wrong but 5/5 flower questions are right.

The only thing I can think of is to divide this example quiz into two, and have separate result slides for both animals and flowers.  But it would be really excellent if we could combine all questions and have one all-knowing result slide.

Maybe we're not thinking outside of the box enough or maybe it's just not possible.  Has anybody tried to do something similar successfully?  Thanks!

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Joanne Chen

Hi SP, in your example, you can use two number variables for each group in each question. Add one to the value of the related variable if learners answered correctly. In that case, you set the initial value equal to zero,  and you will know how many points a learner got in each group, then you can set a trigger to show different feedbacks based on the variables results.

Eduardo Leopold

Hi SP,

Recently I've been working in a similar project. As you can see below, my result slide show the learner performance in different skills:

Check if this works for you:

1) I created several question banks, one for each skill I need to evaluate.

2) They were retrieved as regular question banks into the slides flow.

3) Then I creaed result slides for each question bank, in a separated scene. They will not appear to the learners, the exists only to generate the variables I need: Results.ScorePoints.

Note: if you create different result slides, Storyline will automatically generate different variables for the scores such as Results1.ScorePoints, Results2.ScorePoints and so on.

4) Then, it comes the trigger part. I set each green bar to change it state depending the value of the variable score.Check the formula associating the state to the score.

Well, that's it. Hope it works for you!