How to create an automatic progress bar in Articulate Storyline

I've created a video on how you can create an automatic progress bar in Articulate Storyline. 

I placed the progress bar is on the master slide. The progress bar calculates which state to show based on the total amount of pages in your course and the current page.

So you can add and remove pages to your course without adjusting the progressbar on each slide in your course.

The way i build the progress bar in Articulate Storyline is first published by Pete Brown in a blog post on in 2013

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Iain Corbett

Hi Mark - thank you for the video.  I've followed it religiously, but I just could't get it to work!  For some reason the visited pages were not being counted.  Finally I figured out that the initial state of the radio button was set to "selected".  I changed it to "normal" and then it all worked as expected.  

Marge Rutter

Quick question... because this is on the master slide, is there any way to make sure it will sit on top of any content on the individual slides. For example, I am using screenshots on each slide that fill the entire slide. So master slide content is hidden by those screenshots and does not show through. I feel like I need a "Bring to Front" command that will bring master slide content to the front of individual slide content. Does that exist?

Nicely done, by the way. 

Mark Spermon

Hi Marge what you could do is create the progressbar on a layer on the master slide. Masterslide layers will cover your slide content.

Something to watch out for is that as you use layers in your course on normal slides and the option hide other layers is selected also the layers on the master slide wil be hidden.