How to create editable docs in the articulate window?

Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to the scene. However I have learned a lot quickly, but there are still some areas that give me trouble.

I am currently working on a computer basics course. I would like for the actual practice to be accessible within the articulate window.

i.e. A word document that can be manipulated by the learner to understand the key elements of editing a document using the ribbon

Does anyone have an idea on how to set up the files and slides within  Articulate?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Natalia

You could use a google docs embedded as an iframe I have not tried this , but it should be as simple as getting the code from googles site and using that for your web object, or create an index page with the code embedded

The only issue I am aware of is thatb IE may not display it corectly, but this will allow simultaneous editing of a document

Sarah Tinson

Hi Tomeka,

This isn't exactly what you're asking, but it's similar-ish I suppose....


I want  learners to practice entering information into a calculator, which is built in excel, The learners need to enter certain information, and then they're tested on it.


In Presenter, I have a slide that introduces the calculator, and explains to the learner what they need to do.

The nest 4 slides are Engage Interactions Labelled Graphics which show different parts (screen shots) of the excel calculator and explains what information needs to be entered in what field.

They're then instructed to click on a hyperlink, which them takes them outside of Presenter, and to a shared drive where the calculator lives.

They're then instructed to click on Attachments which also takes them to a shared drive to print off a mock proposal.

They then need to take the information from the mock proposal, and enter it into the excel calculator. Once they've entered the information the calculator will present them with a figure which they need to write down.

The assessment at the end of the course asks the learner what figure they came up with, and they have to select from multiple choice, If they entered the information correctly they should get the question right!

So, this is testing their newly acquired knowledge in using the excel calculator for real. (It seems complex when I write it down like this but it's really not!)



Tomeka Blue

Phil Mayor said:

add a web object to a google doc window,

Ok. Everyone. I have figured this out. Here are the steps:

1. In your google account open Google Docs.

2. Create and or edit the document you would like to display in the web object window. (Word, Excel, PPT, Etc.)-better for simple editing

3. Share the document with these settings>> Anyone with link--no sign in required>>make sure they are set for edit.

4. Copy the link and embed into Articulate web object. Viola! You have a document the learner can edit. (Very basic)

Thanks to everyone for your help!!!