How to create multiple highlighted areas

Apr 05, 2018


I have an image in which I would like the user to click on different areas to reveal a highlighted section and to remain highlighted while the user clicks on other areas. 

For example, if I have an image of a kitchen and the user is to click on all the objects that could be hazardous within the image so it to be highlighted (ie. knives, drain cleaner, stove top, etc.), is there a way to keep the area highlighted as the user clicks on multiple other areas? 

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Shannon B

An easy way to do this would be to use shapes and adjust their states. You could insert a transparent shape over the area you are wanting the learner to click, then edit/set a state (such as Visited) to show the visible highlight you are wanting.

Or if you'd rather use a hotspot, set a shape as hidden and overlay a hotspot above it. When the learner clicks on the hotspot, set a trigger to change the shape's state to normal. It should remain visible unless you set a trigger to hide it.

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