How to design a course coming from a well designed Job Aid

Jun 22, 2017

Hello everyone !

Looking for some insight on this. My client created a product sell sheet. It's  well done and has great to-the-point information and great graphs. However, they wish to have an e-learning course based on that sell sheet.  

They've asked for an e-learning course based on that sell sheet.  Not sure how to go about it. I mean, the product sell sheet is well designed and is self-explanatory. What could an e-learning bring? 

Any thoughts? 




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Christy Tucker

What is the problem they are trying to solve? That's what you need to figure out. It may be that there isn't a real problem, and this is a solution in search of a problem. What problem isn't being solved with the sell sheet that will be solved by a course?

Maybe there is an actual problem where a course would be a good solution. For example, maybe there are some edge cases or exceptions that aren't covered on the sell sheet. Maybe people have low confidence using the skills and need more practice. Those are problems you could address with training.

Julie Frappier

Great thoughts!

As you have mentioned, there is no 'real' problem aside from fact that it's a brand new product. I don't see the need to create an e-learning but because the previous products all had a linear e-learning module, they want to continue in that direction. 

But I like moving comprehension level knowledge to application level. This way, they get to learn about the content while applying it to real case scenario.




Bob S

I agreed with my fellow IDs here.... what issue are we trying to solve. 

That being said, sometimes business needs dictate certain outcomes. So I might approach the questions slightly differently...  "What would a true expert be able to do/know that someone just pursuing the sell sheet couldn't?"    

In other words, think about the ideal superstar salesperson for that product; what they know, how they communicate it, how they match needs with features, etc.  Then think about what a typical salesperson might be able to do after pursuing the sell sheet.  That delta may be your opportunity.

Hope that makes sense and good luck!

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