How to design the quiz and save its layout?

Hello Community,

I'm a newbie in the Articulate and the training design environment so please forgive me if my questions sounds dumb.

1. When adding the quiz in Articulate, which is the best way to do it? I mean, is it better to add test slides at the end of the course, but without starting of a new 'scene' or it is better to start a new 'scene' dedicated only to quiz questions? Considering, all the course will be implemented into Moodle LMS maybe it is better to build quiz as the separate zip file?

2. My workflow is as follows: 'insert' -> 'new slide' -> 'quizzing' -> 'multiple choice'. Eventually I finish with a new slide built on the master slide background (which is what I want), but the text fields for the question and answers are placed in improper position (downward from middle of the slide, overlapping the footer), too big, with fonts, that I don't like, so I have to re-position/resize/adjust fonts with every new quiz slide. The simple solution for this problem was to duplicate quiz slide one by one, but then all the content from previous slide is copied, which is not so good (confusing, especially when you work with foreign languages). Is there a possibility of saving proper, custom position of the question text fields in the form of the master slide layout?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Chris,

Sorry for not responding sooner, I just saw this post now. Since you're talking about scenes, I'm assuming that you're using Articulate Storyline and not Presenter. Is that correct?

1. This is really a personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer. I personally usually create a separate scene for each chapter, including the quiz.

2. If you go into the master slide view, you should be able to set up your layout the way you want it, so that it will be automatically applied to each quiz question you insert. Each set of master slides comes with 2 question master-slides (see screenshot).

I hope that answers your question. If not, let me know how I can help you further!

Chris Pal

Hello Allison,

Thank you very much for your kind response. Yes I meant Storyline 2, sorry for not being precise.

1. I'm glad to hear, that my intuitive way of preparing of the quiz is correct. I think it also gives the proof, that the software is really friendly for beginners, like myself.

2. This is something, I can't cope with. I would appreciate if you could point me out some tutorials for this specific topic of creating master slide for quiz.

Chris Pal

>aside from the fact that there is a question placeholder and a choice placeholder.

Exactly! Then how can I insert placeholders for question and choice, if there is no such option under the 'insert placeholder' button?

Should I use text or content placeholder? But how to transform text/content placeholder in such way, that the 'Form view' is available? As you know "Form view' allows to enter the question/answers and adjust additional parameters (feedback and branching) and is necessary to create the quiz question, isn't it?

Allison LaMotte

Those placeholders should already be present on the 2 quiz layouts (see screenshot). All you need to do is change the size, placement and formatting to fit your needs (see screenshot). If you accidentally deleted the quiz layouts, simply insert a new set of master slides (see screenshot).

Form view will appear automatically when you insert a question slide, you don't need to do anything to create it. If you're creating a freeform question, form view will appear as soon as you click on "Convert to Freeform."

Hope that helps!

Chris Pal

Hello Allison,

I'm sorry for not responding for few days.

I think you have properly recognized my problem. I've probably accidentally deleted master slides for a quiz. So, we can consider problem to be solved. Thank you very much!

>If you accidentally deleted the quiz layouts, simply insert a new set of master slides (see screenshot).

Can I insert just a new layout within my basic master slide or I need a new master slide?

Allison LaMotte

Unfortunately there is no way to just insert a new question layout, however what you can do is insert a new master slide and then copy/paste the question layout into your original master slide. If you do that, make sure to rename the layout "Question" so that Storyline recognizes it as the question layout, and applies it to your questions automatically.