How to disable the next marker until the audio is completed in the previous marker?

Feb 04, 2019

Dear Community,

My presenter recorded all his audio inside the makers. So they are not on seperate audio files.  I want to have the next marker disabled until his audio is completed.  

None of my usual trick will work.  My trigger of changing the marker "2" to normal after media completes, doesn't work because it doesn't show a media file, it is inside the marker. The same goes for putting it an another layer.  


Thanks for the help,


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Radosław Kwasek

Hi Tamarah,

You can't control audio on markers, so there is no easy solution for this. First option is like Wendy explained - extract the audios and do it as it should be. The second option is more advanced - create a set of triggers that will enable next marker based on elapsed time. You will need to check every audio length, create some variables, a set of triggers - I don't think the efforts are worth it.

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