How to display correct answer after the user hits submit

Hello awesome folks!

I know it's just there somewhere, but I am not being successful in customizing this. Basically, I need to show the correct answer together with the incorrect/correct feedback after the user hits the submit button in a multiple choice quiz. 

Do I need to create a trigger for this? I a, trying to avoid adding a screenshot of the same quiz with the correct answer, but if there's no other way, then I just might end up doing this. I am just trying to see if i'll be lucky. Thanks in advance!


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Sid Apolinario

Thanks Nancy! That's a very good suggestion! I was looking for a different approach on this though. Please check my screenshot below.

So basically the screenshot above shows the correct answer at the back of the feedback. What I was hoping to find out is, if there's some setting, or procedure where I can display the correct answer like that without using a screenshot of the correct answer. Ex: change state of correct answer to selected when the correct/incorrect display window appears. 


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Adam Mac

1. Create states for each of the opbjects you wish to be highlighted on your feedback slides.

e.g. Right State = highlight green

2. On each feedback layer, create the following trigger:

Change state of: object

to: state

when: timeline starts

on: layer

If there are more than one correct answers, or you wish to highlight the incorrect answer that the user selected, you'd have to make use of variables.