How to get a link to credit a Storyline Stock photo

Dec 05, 2021

Hi All, 


I have made a video using Articulate Storyline. The client ask for links to update their credit list. Is there anyway to get links for photos extracted from the internal stock in Articulate Storyline? 



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Richard Watson

Interesting question that someone who works with Articulate will jump in and answer soon.

In the meantime, here is a link that might help.

Assuming the photo comes from the Content Library, you may be able to pass the following link and information along to your client.

Sourced from:

Are Content Library 360 images, icons, and videos royalty free?
Yes. Content Library 360 has 8.3+ million photos, illustrations, icons, and videos from several sources that you can access right from Storyline 360. And you can choose Content Library 360 photos and illustrations for your Rise 360 courses with one click. They're all royalty free for commercial and non-commercial use—no attribution required.

Can I use Content Library 360 assets outside of Articulate e-learning courses?
You may edit and use Content Library 360 assets any way you like in the courses you build with Articulate 360 apps, such as Storyline 360. However, you can't use assets outside of Articulate 360 apps. For example, their use is prohibited in product brochures or websites. See section 2.11 in our terms of service.



Bianca Woods

Hi Ahmed,

That's a great question! Richard's done a great job of bringing up the policy for either of the two directions this particular question might go.

My initial reading of this question is that you used Storyline to create your content and then published the Storyline project as a video. That would fall into using the Content Library 360 assets as intended so attribution isn't necessary.

However, if you used Storyline just to find images that you then exported for use in production tools outside of Articulate 360, then that would, unfortunately, be prohibited use. In that circumstance, you'd want to find alternative assets to use from another source.