How to get a second slider to appear once the first one has reached its end

Hi folks,

I've got two sliders on one slide (one on the x axis and one on the y axis). The slider on the x works fine - I'm now having trouble getting the slider on the y axis to appear only AFTER slider 1 has reached its end.  I tried putting slider 2 on a new layer so that I could set up a trigger that would show the new layer once the timeline for slider 1 is finished but it doesn't seem to be working.  The two sliders won't interact with each other.  Slider 2 is to simply show a new type of information.  Any ideas?  I've looked through the existing questions in heroes but they seem to complicated because the sliders there interact with each other.

Also, once slider 2 is finished, I'd like to have a button appear that would enable the learner to start the exercise over.

Hoping to hear from someone who's done this!


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Tristan Hunt

Can you have the second slider state set to hidden and then use a trigger to change its state to normal when the first slider is equal to its final number?

If you set the slide settings to reset to initial state when revisiting then the restart button  The final button could be set jump back to the same slide. 

I dummied this up and noticed it doesn't seem to reset the sliders to starting point so set triggers to do this (see example attached).