How to Hack Storyline 3/360 HTML5 Output

In case you missed my Free Webinar, or just want to go back to relive the awesomeness :-) We put the recording on YouTube:


And here is my intro with the links to stuff mentioned in the webinar 

Today I want to pull back the curtain a bit and show you some of the tools and processes I use to build custom JS solutions for Storyline. Really I use the same stuff for Captivate, Lectora, etc as well.

It has been possible to create awesome JS solutions for Storyline’s HTML5 output since SL1 the HTML5 was output has always been somewhat limited compared to the Flash output. And it always had a Flash output. That meant trying to build two solutions.

But now the HTML5 out is very robust and stable. And you can choose to only publish to HTML5. This opens the door to all kinds of customizations.

I doubt any of you will run out and implement most of the hacks I demonstrate today. Some are a bit silly. But I choose these to illustrate the process and power of hacking SL’s HTML5 Output



Sublime Text

JS Beautifier


W3 Schools

Find elements by aria-label:

Random User

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Will Findlay

This was so awesome. Now I know why I couldn't get the developer tools to show from the keyboard when viewing a Storyline file (it traps all your keypresses) and that clicking in the address bar bypasses this. I also now know a lot more about jquery, and especially helpful, I know how to test things using the Chrome developer console and then get them into the Storyline file! Thank you!

Will Findlay

I just thought of a great use for this! Replace your blurry logo with a different image! 

Here is an example of the jquery that would do this: