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Joanne Chen

You can pre-build a google sheet with users' ID(e.g. email address) and password. And assign courses to each learner by email them the ID&password and the course link. Or when they choose a course from the portal, send them the ID and password so they will be able to access the course. Therefore, you will need to create a log in page at the begining of the course. And have some javascript to detect if the ID and the password match the data in the google sheet. Send a True message to the log in page from your google sheet if the data they entered is comfirmed. Use a trigger to jump in to the course content when the log in page recieved a True message.   

You can learn how to import data from google sheet from this thread (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/articulate-storyline-import-from-google-drive).