How To Incorporate your own handwriting into your courses

Hi Everybody,

I have followed a lot of the threads about incorporating handwritten fonts into your courses. I found a lot of the tips very helpful, thank you all for that. I think I have about 30 or more fonts installed by now and still growing.

Looking for different fonts I also started using an iPad App called iFontMaker ($6,99). The App let’s you convert your own handwriting into a TTF file which you than install like you would a downloaded handwritten font. The App is fun and really easy to use and it takes about 10 to 15 min. to complete a full font. I would however advice on using a stylus pen on your iPad this makes your handwriting more accurate.

Incorporating your own personal signature into your courses.

Have fun.


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Kevin Thorn

This is neat! Just purchased the app.

I've used Fontifier and YourFonts in the past to create my own handwriting font. You print out a PDF and using a felt tip marker write each glyph (letter, number, symbol). Then scan it back in and send it to them. They show you a preview of your font and for $9.99 it's yours. No ability to kern or adjust the spacing so it's exactly what you write/draw.

What's neat is you can create say a personal Arrow Font or Emoticon Font and for every letter just draw a different type of arrow or different smiley face.

Congrats on the new Wacom tablet, Natalia! 

Kevin Thorn

I love mine (3).

I have an Wacom Intous that's about 5 years old and still going strong connected to my iMac. And I have a smaller Bamboo I use for my laptop and traveling. The third Wacom toy I have is the Inkling - LOVE!

There are many professional font-making software tools that cater to tablet drawing/writing, but they're much more expensive. I've thought about investing in one but can't justify the $$$ for a personal font and don't have time to generate another line of products/services right now - although "NuggetFonts' does have a ring to it.