How to influence quiz score

I have build a drag&drop interaction where multiple drag-objects can be dropped on multiple drop-target areas.

This is my solution for a one-to-many solution, where the Storyline drag&drop interaction only has a one-to-one solution so far. (I have filed an enhancement request for a one-to-many solution in drag&drop).

When you want to see my example, here is the link.

I got a question from Brock Johnson, asking how you can influence the quiz score, since I have only used part of the drag&drop functionality to build this interaction; hence the results will always be 100%, even when not correct.

I did build a screenr where you can see how I created this interaction.

My question now is if anyone has suggestions on how to add the correct results to the quiz.

The .story file is attached to this post for your evaluation.

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James Brandwood

Hi Wim,

I had a play around with it and there seems to be noway of doing it while using the default 'Result.Score...' variables automatically populated with drag and drop interaction, or any question for that matter.

So I took the feedback off the interaction and put in my own variable, 'Score'. I then made a trigger for each 'drag' item to add one to the 'score' if it changes state to 'correct drop'.

I then attached a trigger to the 'Submit' button to determine which slide layer was shown based on the score (I added a layer called 80% as well). This inexpliciably didn't work - it seems no matter the order of the triggers the submit button would display the layer before it calculated the score and always show the failure layer. I wasn't too suprised because the Storyline player controls are a bit iffy when it comes to attaching triggers.

So I did the exact same thing to a submit button I made myself and it works fine (be mindful of te order of the triggers though).

I then altered the results slide to use the 'score' variable. I suppose it would be possible to still use the 'Result.Score..' variable here if by just making a tigger where the 'score' variable is added to it.

The only hiccup at the moment is the fact that the 'Review Quiz option always shows incorrect but you could just turn that option off.

Hope this helps.

Steve Flowers

Hi Wlm - 

The way I've dealt with this in the past is by loosely coupling a custom interaction with a True / False question. So the True / False question is either in the background, behind a curtain, or off to the side. Then, in my triggers, I set the True object to selected if they get the activity correct and set the False object to selected if they get it wrong. 

If you wanted to track what parts of the activity someone got right or wrong you could use a multiple select question and toggle on the objects that matched a part of your drag and drop. 

Since most of the time you're just grading whether they got it right or wrong and assigning a points value based on that performance, a True / False question behind the curtain usually does the trick.