How to let a learner skip a pre-test if they have already taken it

Hi All,

I am creating a course with a pre-test functionality and at the same time create a "back door" for the learner after course completion to come back in at any time without having to take the Pre-test again. I know that quizmaker has the functionality to restrict quiz attempts but what I don't know is if it will work in this scenario.

Any ideas or thoughts will be very much appreciated.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Audrey! What I'd do is:

  • Add your quiz (pretest) at the beginning of your course, and set the properties so that the user must complete the quiz in order to leave the quiz. This'll prevent the learner from skipping ahead if they haven't finished the pretest. (Here's a tutorial that shows how to set up the properties, in case that's not something you're already familiar with.)
  • With your course open in PowerPoint, go to the Articulate menu and click Player Templates > Player Controls. Make sure the box that says "Prompt to resume on presentation restart" is marked.

When learners leave your course and come back to it later, they'll see a prompt that allows them to pick up whey left off. If they say Yes, then they'll go back to wherever they were the last time (so, if they've already completed the pretest and moved on, they won't need to go back and re-do it). Does that sound like what you're looking for?