How to load projects to personal website?

Feb 01, 2015

Hello All, 

I am currently developing some eLearning modules using Captivate, but would switch to Articulate if it solved my problem. I would like to build a website where I can showcase examples of what I’ve created in a portfolio for possible clients to view and try out.

I see people posting samples of their work and was wondering how to do this. I can’t upload Captivate projects to my site. I’m using Siteground as the host and Wordpress as the software. There is no plugin that works to load Captivate projects to the site.

 Is Articulate better at this? Can I create an Articulate presentation and post it to a personal website (not an LMS) for people to view and interact with? 

Are there any tutorials on how to do this? I have no problem uploading to an LMS but I'd like to create a personal portfolio on my own site. 



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Tom Hanninen

Hi Bruce. I use Siteground as my host and Wordpress to build my site. When I start a new page on WP I can link to another page but how do I actually load the project onto Wordpress? 

Once you've made your project, how do you load it on to your site? 

That's the main problem I'm having.

BTW - your site looks great. 


Bruce Graham

Thanks for your kind comments.

OK - not sure how it works with the tech you have, but here's what I do - hopefully the concept transposes.

1. Publish SL as "Web".

2. FTP the entire folder structure to an appropriate place on my webserver, using Filezilla, although there is an onboard FTP tool with my hosting company.

3. Just point a link to the "story.html" file.

Hope that helps.

Tom Hanninen

Ok, thanks Alex but I think I may need some more experience at this. I have no idea what that means. : )

The frustrating part for me is that I can create some nice looking projects in Captivate, I just can't load them on to my site. I have no idea how to manipulate code so I may need to take some time to figure that part out. Thanks for the info though. 

I would love to just sit down with someone and get some training how to do what I'm trying to do. I need to figure out how to manage my website better. 



Tom Hanninen

Thanks Alex - that looks great. 

I don't know if you know the answer to this - if I create a Captivate project, publish the output as an HTML5 output, I just have to copy the HTML5 code from the file, and paste it into my iframe block? 

Then, where does this go?     <div align="center"><iframe width="740" height="596" src="/path/to/storyline/story.html"></iframe></div>     

Again, thanks for your patience. 

Alexandros Anoyatis

1) You don't have to publish your project as HTML5 only, this works for Flash output as well.
2) You shouldn't copy the code from the published main html file to WP, it won't work like that.

The steps are:

  • Upload the project to a separate folder on your webserver - Note down the path to the main html page. For the sake of this example, lets say the Cp output folder is now at
  • Since you are uploading to the same place as your site, the iframe code should use a relative path so the resulting code should be : <div align="center"><iframe width="740" height="596" src="/captivate/01/index.html"></iframe></div>

Once you publish this, you should be good to go.

Hope this helps,

Tom Hanninen

Well, I finally solved the issue. I got rid of Wordpress and built a site from scratch using Dreamweaver. It is very much in the beginning stages but it works. I can load a Captivate project onto the website and it can be viewed with Apple or Android devices and everything seems to work fine. 

Now, I can focus on developing better eLearning projects. At some point I'm going to create some screencasts for this process in case anyone else ran in to to same issue I had. 

Jennifer Rowe

Hi Bruce,

I hope you are still around and still a hero because I think you might be able to help me configure the story.html link correctly. 

I have published my project as Web, uploaded via Articulate FTP and in Filezilla I can see the files on my Wordpress server.  I cannot, however, seem to get the link correct when I test it on a webpage. I keep getting a 404 "resources unavailable" error.

My site is a set up. I am using just a regular link tool (as if I were linking to an external website or something) on a page using the rich text editor. No plugins or anything. 

Here's how I configured my link and the image of the files on the FTP client is attached so you can see the directory layout (the site is

I appreciate any guidance you can give me!


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