How to make a trigger for zoom region tool.

Hello every one.

Yesterday I did a short search to find a way for making a trigger for zoom region tool in Storyline but couldn't find anything. Then suddenly guessed maybe this trick works and made this example that proudly works well.

The main steps are as following:

  1. Place your picture and make a button to trigger zoom region (don't add any trigger to the button for now).
  2. Duplicate your slide and set the button on first slide to jump to this slide when user clicks.
  3. Make the zoom region on second slide, start it for example from second 0.5 and end it to second 2.5 when the whole timeline is 3 seconds.
  4. In second slide set a slide trigger that pause the timeline when the timeline reaches to 2 seconds.
  5. In second slide set a slide trigger that jump to the first slide when the timeline ends.
  6. In second slide make a button that resumes timeline on this slide when the user clicks.
  7. In slide properties of the second slide set "When revisiting" to "Reset to initial state".

Your recipe is finished, save and taste it. 

You can see the example here:

I attached the Storyline file as well, hope it being uploaded.


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