How to make states non-clickable?

I am stuck & need Articulate Heroes' help with my first training module. Hope the awesome community members will help me sail thru this.

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Query 1 (See slide 1 in story file)

I am making a sales training module. At the bottom of each slide , I am showing the step number of the sales process (see step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5 in the story file) and changing the state of the step according to whether learner has learned it or learning it. For ex: when they are learning step 2, I am changing the state to "Selected" & changing the other step states to the required one (normal or visited). Right now, all these steps are clickable which is leading to their state change even when the learner is learning a specific step. How can I restrict the clickability & control the state change by triggers only.

Query 2 (See slide 2 in story file)

I am using Drag & Drop quiz type where learner need to drag the right options in a circle. My quiz has 4 options with one option as wrong. Some quizzes have 2 options as wrong too. Right now, if the user is just selecting one right response & clicking on Submit, the system is showing the Incorrect layer but I want this to customize to a feedback layer where he/she gets different response as per the selection. Like if he is selecting 2 right response, my feedback should say "You are right but you also need to select option 3". Drag & drop option just provide you with a correct & incorrect feedback layer. How can I show different feedbacks?

Query 3 (See slide 3 in story file)

How can I show the correct result of Match the following (where they are rightly matched) made using Drag & Drop?





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Wendy Farmer
Rachna Ghiya

How can I restrict the clickability & control the state change by triggers only.

Hi Rachna

Sorry I'm not in my office at the moment to check your file but here goes for 

Query 1

SL has built in states so you don't need to set a trigger to change an object to Selected as SL does it automatically - to add triggers to built in states oftentimes causes issues.

To allow only one item to be selected at a time, highlight all the step objects > right click and select Button Set.  When you do this, it will create a function that only one object can only be in the selected state at once. I click the first becomes selected, I click the second, the first becomes deselected and the second selected.

Rachna Ghiya

Thanks Wendy but I don't want user to be able to click them at all. They are shown just for telling them which stage they are learning & should not be clickable. I am using triggers to change the state. Like if are they learning step 2, I am using trigger to change the state of the same. 

Wendy Farmer

Sorry - totally misread that.

See attached update to your file for Query 1. I have duplicated the Selected and Visited states and customised to call them Current and Completed then used the custom states in the triggers. They are not clickable using the custom states.

For Query 2 - here is a tutorial about customising feedback layers and here is another video that may help you

For Query 3 I take a screenshot of the correct responses and put that onto the incorrect feedback layer

Rachna Ghiya

Thanks Wendy, I am able to figure out Query 1 & 3. For Query 2, I have changed my question type to Multiple Options. My question has 3 correct option & 1 incorrect option. Now the default feedback layer is showing Incorrect even when I have selected 2 correct options. How can I customize this to different feedbacks as per options chosen? I am assuming that I have to create multiple feedback layers & then trigger the layer on Submit interaction but in that case there could be so many combinations. Any easy way to figure this out?