How to only add points once with a Previous button?


I have points being tallied in the feedback master slides when the Correct layer is displayed. But, I've added a Previous button to one slide so users can view the question on the previous slide before selecting a long multiple choice answer.

The problem is that it's possible for more points to be added when the user returns to the answer slide after clicking the Previous button because the correct layer is still being displayed.

Can anyone recommend any triggers I can use to prevent the extra points from being tallied?

I've attached the slides that are being affected by this issue.



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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Kai,

I wasn't able to replicate the extra points, nor would I expect that to happen since you have "Number of Attempts" set to one. Once the learner answers the question, it's locked down. The correct/incorrect layers are not the things determining point value- it happens at the point of interaction submission.

You should be fine as is, otherwise, one thing you want to try is creating an instructions layer so you can do everything on one slide. I made a quick mockup of how that would work- obviously, you'd want to work on the visuals.



Kai Donovan

Hi Allison!

Thanks so much for the super quick reply! I've never used an Instruction layer before so thanks for creating it and sending it to me. Did you just copy the instructions from the first slide, delete the first slide, then create an Instructions layer and Instruction layer buttons to display or hide the instructions?

I ended up creating a trigger to disable the Previous button after the user clicks the Submit button. If you select the Correct answer which is the one that starts with the word "Disease" in the file I uploaded, you'll see that you can still click on the Previous button which will take you back to the previous slide. When you click the Next button again, it will add 10 points again since the Correct layer is still being displayed.

I love how there are so many ways to do the same thing in Articluate!

Thank you!!


Allison Goldthorpe

Yep, exactly. I also added a white rectangle to hide the options beneath it. There are layer options to hide the base layer, but since you have a master slide template, I thought that was the easiest way to go.

Another way to fix the issue would be to tell Storyline to close out the incorrect/correct layers if the user clicks Previous so they're closed when the learner comes back. This is what one trigger would look like:

Trigger to close a layer when the previous button is clicked

The correct layer is the most important, but I'd create three more for the incorrect answer layers. Then, you'd want to make sure the standard "Jump to previous slide when user clicks the previous button" is rearranged to be below the new triggers. That way, the layer closes first and then the user gets redirected to the previous page.

Kai Donovan

Thanks for all of the different options to solve my issue, Allison!

I already have correct/incorrect layers for all of the different possible answers so I think I'll stick with disabling the Previous button after the Submit button is clicked for now since the project is due today.

I can't imagine how many different ways there might be to go about solving this problem, but it's fun to hear a few ideas on how to go about it!

Thanks again for all of your help!!