How to protect elearning course?

I am intending to develop an elearning course which I will upload to my website where clients can subscribe to the program.

I would like some suggestions on how best to do this so it is a good experience for my clients and at the same time protect my intellectual property.

I think I can make so that subscribed clients can only view the program online and not be able to download it to their computer.  Alternatively, if they can download the program is there some way to who has access to it? 

I would really appreciate some feedback about this please?

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Bruce Graham


We now live in, (as are taking advantage of it as eLearning designers...), a World where the ease of accessing technology outstrips what we want to do with it.

Bottom line, 1 person could buy your course, and then use a projector to show it to a room with 100 people in it - and it would not matter whether it was behind a firewall, a paywall, or whatever.

Or they could screencam it.

Just try and make it as hard as you can to "share", or build-in some charge to cover what you expect to leech because of this activity.

This is the one reason I never really got into selling generic courses per se, much prefer to work for clients in the knowledge that their branded courses etc. are not a whole lot of use to others.