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Shwetha Bhaskar

Hi Sid, I've used Sakai as a student and an admin and as near as I can tell, it doesn't exactly support SCORM in the traditional sense. I think your best bet would be to publish your course for 'Web' (presumably you're using Articulate, Captivate, or another e-learning authoring tool?), upload it to a web server via FTP, and link to the course from Sakai as an external website link (i.e. the http://www.example.com/player.html link to launch). This is under the assumption that you would just like to deploy your course material for viewing and not have tracking or reporting functionality. If you require the latter or wish to deploy your SCORM module within Sakai somehow, you might want to look into http://scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud-features/app-integrations/sakai-integration/ (as suggested in this thread: http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/2864/15582.aspx )

Marisa Mendoza


I have just started to use Sakai and we have a course that was published for 'Web' as suggested above.  It works well to view the content however I had an issue with the bookmarking in the course.  If the learner is at the same computer when logging in, the bookmark works fine.  If another computer is used then the bookmark is not there.  Any suggestions?


Shwetha Bhaskar

Hi Marisa,

Publishing for web, as you said, is primarily for viewing purposes on Sakai. As far as I know, any functionality beyond that i.e. bookmarking, tracking, reporting etc. will all require deployment on a SCORM or AICC compliant LMS. The 'SCORM cloud player' option as linked in my previous post might help activate bookmarking functionality while deploying from Sakai...haven't tried it myself but would be interested to know the outcome if you do try it!

Good luck!