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Nancy Woinoski

Yes, it involves a couple of steps but can be done. First add a second marker to your slide and set its animation to none. Then copy this market. Next go to your original marker and add a selected state to the marker. Delete the marker from this selected state and then paste the non pulse marker in its place. You will have to adjust the position of this marker to 0,0. 

That should do the trick.

Dong Liang

This doesn't work. Here is what I see:

The marker will indeed change state, and the new state will show "animation: none", but the pulsing effect is still there. It is just added to whatever you use for the selected state.

I have attached a simple file to demonstrate this.

Also, I have found if you add hotspot on top of the marker, the system starts to behave unpredictably, sometimes it will refuse to show hoover content, sometimes it will refuse to accept hotspot trigger.

Nancy Woinoski

Did you delete the marker from the selected state before pasting the new one in? This used to work when I first proposed it 4 years ago, but Storyline has chaned alot since then and so have the browsers so the solution may not work anymore. that is the downside to using workarounds to do things that are not natively supported  in the software.

Markers are not intended to have hotspots over top so would not recommend that as a solution.


Dong Liang

Thank you so much Nancy! 

Yes, I did everything to make this work, as you can see from the attached file.

It is as you said, a change that broke the only workaround.

For my purpose, I need to let the user navigate through those markers (because you can't put buttons inside the pop up box I have to use a hotspot) and when they come back naturally stop the pulsing (I think it doesn't make sense if you have actually visited it).