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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Yan, 

It seems like a nightmare, sorry to hear. 

I have an idea but I don't think that it helps as much as you need. 

I would go to story view, and click on each slide to see the triggers on the right side after undocking the panel. Then delete that trigger.

Still it is a lot of work, but can save some time.

Good luck.

Ray Cole

I don't quite have the technical know-how to fully use this information, but I am passing it along in case you do.

The *.story file is actually a zip archive. So one possibility is to rename the file from myfile.story to myfile.zip. Then use a zip tool to "extract all." This will give you a folder full of XML files (among other things). If you can figure out where the Prev and Next triggers are coded in these files, it might be possible to use a tool like Dreamweaver that supports a batch search and replace to delete them throughout the complete set of slides. Then, zip up the folder and rename the archive myfile-new.story and load it back into Storyline to see if it worked.

Definitely try this only with a copy of your original story file, in case it doesn't work.

If it does work, I would love to hear the details of how you found and replaced the code in the XML files.

Good luck!