How to set up lessons complete condition to activate access to quiz


I have 4 lessons in a course that I want the user to complete, prior to being able to access the quiz. Is this possible to set this up through variables and conditions? In one of your instructions, you show a variable called 'varSectionOneComplete' (or something like that - can't recall exactly); can you explain how this type of variable was created as I think this is part of the solution.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mary

you're on the right track. I assume you are using Storyline? If so, 

  1. Create four True/False variables one for each lesson and default them to false.
  2. On the last slide of each lesson add a trigger to Adjust variable Lesson1 = True when timeline starts (on another action you choose, could be when media completes, or user clicks a button). Make sure the trigger is above any 'jump to slide' triggers.

I'm assuming from the way you have written this you have the user going back to a 'hub' slide to click the next lesson . If that's the case

  1. On the hub slide create a trigger to Jump to Quiz slide when user clicks Next button on condition that Lesson1=True and Lesson2=True and Lesson3=True and Lesson4=True.

Hope that helps.