How to set up quiz results for branched module

Apr 06, 2018

I don't have a problem, but I want to learn how to set up a module that will branch in the middle based on the user's role. The quiz questions will be peppered throughout the content rather than delivered at the end, so some users will have some quiz questions while others have a different set. The users all come back to a shared branch at the end. I'm not sure how to set up the quiz results if each group will have different questions and a different number of questions. Hoping someone can direct me to a clear tutorial! Thanks!

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Surya Koduri

I've done something similar in the past. I've set up two separate set of questions for each branch and in the end the common questions. However, when publishing to LMS, tracking is only from the common questions in the end. The branched questions have unlimited attempts so they can't get to common questions without giving the correct answer. Hope this helps. 

Christine Padberg

Thank you so much, Surya. Did you set it up so that the LMS tracks only the common questions because Storyline is not able to separate the scores, or because you wanted it that way? I'm hoping my course will allow users to choose a branch, answer questions from just one branch + the common questions, and that the course can figure out how to score that and report accurately to our LMS! Do you know if that's possible?

Surya Koduri

Hi Christine,

Simple answer is no as far as I know. But I tweaked the .story file that I sent you earlier to give you the desired outcome. (attached). Below are the steps that I followed. 

  1. Restrict the menu so learners can't jump to the common area. 
  2. add the graded questions in scene 1 (branch1) either at the end of the scene or scatter it across the scene. Add the results slide at the end of scene1 (users will see this) You may wish to enable retry quiz if you like. 
  3. Repeat step 2 for branch 2. 
  4. Set next button on both results slides (scene 1 and 2 to common scene) 
  5. Repeat step 2 for the common scene. Add a results slide. 
  6. Critical thing here is to stop users going to the last (finish) scene. To do this, create a variable (success) with default value false and adjust variable to change the value to true on success layer when timeline starts (not on the base layer). Add condition on the next button to only go to next if the success is true.  
  7. Add another scene for finish. Here, I've added a graded question which will automatically submit interaction (correct answer is selected and submitted when time line starts. I've added finish button hiding the continue button on the (correct layer) users will never get to see the results slide for this scene. 
  8. When publishing set tracking to the results of the last scene only. 

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