How to stop auto advancing slides in Storyline after import from PowerPoint

How to stop auto-advancing slides in Storyline after you have imported your slides from PowerPoint?

I've imported slides from PowerPoint, and they seem to have made all the slide auto-advance (forward). I want to turn this feature off. Can someone help me with this situation? I've seen similar threads to this question, but none provide me with an answer. I know how to change the advancement on layers but what about the slides themselves?

Thank you in advance!



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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Maree!

By default, when you import your slides from PowerPoint, all slides have the Slide Property of Slide Advances: Automatically. See this article:

You can easily change all of your slide to Slide Advances: By User from Story View. In Story View use the keyboard shortcut CONTROL + A (and CONTROL + A a second time if you have multiple scenes). This will select all of the slides in your entire project! Then, make that adjustment there in the Slide Properties area to BY USER and it will change all of the slides that are selected!

(One thing to note, if you have a question bank draw selected, you won't be able to access the Slide Properties. You can de-select the Question Bank Draw(s) and you'll be good to go!)

I hope that helps!