How to teach SMEs to think "scenarios & challenges" vs information dump

Does anyone have a method or resource for teaching SMEs to think of training in scenarios and/or use of critical thinking vs information sharing?  I'm in a unique position, tasked with developing "e-learning" from PPTs that Project Managers develop with the SMEs.  I don't have direct access to SMEs and what is given to me is simply a presentation.  I don't have enough knowledge of the topics to rework it and add realistic scenarios or challenges.  So I'd love to teach the PMs to think like an ID so when they develop the content with SMEs they are moving beyond info sharing and I can then create true learning experiences. 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Sherrie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I just wanted to chime in and share this series with you. I know you mentioned not being able to work directly with the SME, but perhaps you can use some of those tips to work with your project managers so you can get the information you need to create effective courses. Being able to collaborate on content really does make a difference. I hope those resources help spark some ideas.