How to track specific Storyline slides and course progress in LMS

This is a slide I made to track course progress in an LMS by specific slides. You could place a tracking slide anywhere, but we used them on chapter ending slides like in the demo.

Here is a demo in scorm cloud (story file attached)

Try quitting the course after finishing 1 chapter (25% score), 2 chapters (50% score), etc. In Moodle, we can drill down to see which specific tracking slides were clicked on.

Let me know if you have any questions about this works


How to build from scratch

This is a seamless method for tracking whether users have clicked on specific slides. There are some limitations though:
• The timeline is frozen so you cannot have things like animations or narration on tracked slides. (You can free up the timeline by submitting the interaction with a submit button (built-in or onscreen) but that is not as seamless, especially in the Storyline 3 mobile player)
• The setup is rather complicated (though you can make it once and then use it like a template)

Step 1 - Make a Freeform Text Entry Slide
● Create a Freeform Text Entry slide
● In <Form View>, Set Feedback to None
● Under Acceptable Answers type the number 1
● In <Slide View>, move the text field off the visible slide (don’t delete it!)
● In <Slide Properties>
○ Set <When revisiting> to “Reset to initial state”
○ Tick the boxes for <Prev> and <Next> and untick <Submit>

Step 2 - Create Triggers to Track the Slide
• Create triggers exactly as pictured here (including the order)
o One exception – “Jump to next slide” can be under “Slide Triggers” or “Player Triggers”

triggers panel

Step 3 - Make a Results Slide
● Create a Blank Results slide
● Ensure it is linked to your Text Entry slide
● Delete the default “Thank You” text and <Review Quiz> button
● When you publish, be sure to track by this result slide



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