How to track specific Storyline slides and course progress in LMS

This is a slide I made to track course progress in an LMS by specific slides. You could place a tracking slide anywhere, but we used them on chapter ending slides like in the demo.

Here is a demo in scorm cloud (story file attached)

Try quitting the course after finishing 1 chapter (25% score), 2 chapters (50% score), etc. In Moodle, we can drill down to see which specific tracking slides were clicked on.

Let me know if you have any questions about this works


How to build from scratch

This is a seamless method for tracking whether users have clicked on specific slides. There are some limitations though:
• The timeline is frozen so you cannot have things like animations or narration on tracked slides. (You can free up the timeline by submitting the interaction with a submit button (built-in or onscreen) but that is not as seamless, especially in the Storyline 3 mobile player)
• The setup is rather complicated (though you can make it once and then use it like a template)

Step 1 - Make a Freeform Text Entry Slide
● Create a Freeform Text Entry slide
● In <Form View>, Set Feedback to None
● Under Acceptable Answers type the number 1
● In <Slide View>, move the text field off the visible slide (don’t delete it!)
● In <Slide Properties>
○ Set <When revisiting> to “Reset to initial state”
○ Tick the boxes for <Prev> and <Next> and untick <Submit>

Step 2 - Create Triggers to Track the Slide
• Create triggers exactly as pictured here (including the order)
o One exception – “Jump to next slide” can be under “Slide Triggers” or “Player Triggers”

triggers panel

Step 3 - Make a Results Slide
● Create a Blank Results slide
● Ensure it is linked to your Text Entry slide
● Delete the default “Thank You” text and <Review Quiz> button
● When you publish, be sure to track by this result slide



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Christine Hounsham

Hi Eric, this looks very interesting and is often asked on my projects. Well done. 

Ellie, i’m not sure if you found an answer to your question, but have you seen the article on the articulate site: 

Cheers Christine

Adam Bayliss

Did you find an answer to this? because I solved this problem once upon a time. I put a javascript into the the HTML output page that checked an LMS variable at intervals and closed the window and sent an alert message.

Something like:

Set variable A to false

Set A to: Get variable from LMS (always true) 

if A is still false throw error

Repeat every 10 s...

Ann Cecil Evora

Hi Adam, 

I think i need your suggestion on how to solve that problem. I was able to track the progress of our student by using erics suggestion here. using cscorm cloud. But I can't track it using our LMS, made in wordpress. Do I have to put a code in the HTML output like the one you suggested? If yes, how can I put it there? Which part of the code should I paste the code?