How to Upload your Articulate Storyline or Rise Content on WordPress?

Are you looking for a solution to upload Articulate Storyline or Rise 360 content on WordPress? Follow these simple steps to upload your content on WordPress site.

Use WordPress (HTML5, xAPI or SCORM Package)

Step 1:

Export your content as HTML5, SCORM or xAPI Content package.

For export, settings follow these articles.

  1. Articulate Storyline 360
  2. Articulate Rise 360

Step 2: 

To upload your content on WordPress, you can use GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin.

With GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin, you can upload your HTML5, SCORM or xAPI Content zip file on WordPress and manage all your content comfortably. Follow these steps.

Step 3:

Now add content on any WordPress page, post or LMS plugin's lesson, topic, unit or quiz. Follow these steps.

Which package type I select? and do I need anything else?

You can select the package type as per requirements. If you're confused? Try this:

1. I do not want Reporting?

Package-Type:  HTML5
Required: GrassBlade xAPI Companion

2. No Reporting but want content Resume Feature

Package-Type: SCORM
Required: GrassBlade xAPI Companion 

3. Advanced Reporting + Completion Tracking + Resume Feature + Answer Tracking and better LMS plugin integration

Package-Type: SCORM or xAPI = Recommended
Required: GrassBlade xAPI Companion + GrassBlade LRS

Or Manual Method (HTML5 Content Package)

If you do not want to use any plugin.

Step 1:

Upload your zip file on your WordPress Hosting, Amazon AWS or some other hosting platform.

Step 2:

Extract the file in your hosting folder like /www/MyStorylineContent/. Now copy the address of the story.html or index.html file.


Step 3: 

Embed your file into your WordPress site using HTML iFrame tag.

Example: <iframe src="" title="My content">

Publish or update your page.

Using the manual file uploading method is a complex solution. It goes worst when you have too many content files. 

The plugin allows you to efficiently manage and add content on the pages. Also, it will enable xAPI Content reporting and provides an interface to connect the Learning Record Store.

I hope you find this information useful if you have any queries comment below.

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