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Aug 24, 2011


I am sure this has been asked before - so apologies  for repeating. 

I would like to create a 'how to use instruction page'  for my courses.   Does anyone have any examples.

Thank you

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Juliette! Are you wanting to create a little something about how to navigate your course? One common approach is to create an Engage Labeled Graphic which shows the navigation features on the player. Here are some examples you could check out:

  • CPR course - click "How to Navigate" in the upper-right corner of the published course
  • ATLAS example - skip to slide 8 for the navigation instructions
  • Jade's example (includes an Engage interaction you can download)
  • Tracy's example (includes an Engage interaction you can download)

Also, just a little food for thought, but in a lot of cases you can get away with little or no navigation help... check out Tom's blog post on this topic which contains some great tips & advice.

Hope that helps!

Phil Mayor

I agree with Jeanette, that in most cases I would not use any navigation help.  We are currently working on a project where the clients are paranoid about how people will use the module

we have built a custom skin that gives instructions, I have an example here

This is very draft and we have not sorted the menu yet, but on slide 3 (the slide number are on the right and will be removed when we releasee the modules) we have a player controls slide, but if you look on the left of the player we give instructions in red

If you go to the quiz (Slide 23) we again give instructionsand visul cues

We are still at a very draft stage with these but I thought I would give an example of going to the extreme


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