How to write a script for E-learning courses?

I believe that the starting point of engaging e-learning course is to develop an engaging e-learning script. Is there any online or offline resources for that? What is the best way to build my script writing muscle? I think I know Cathy Moore's work already. But I did not take her course yet. Is there anyone who already took her courses? If so, please share your experience.  

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Zara Ogden

I am a fan of the Langevin program. Their instructional design startegy begins with establishing steps, order or organized thoughts and points. From their your research document writes it self. When working with a team or SME that has no experience I have sucessfully had them write their content into clear and understandable scripts that work smoothly into the eLearning design. 

Start at the top with the objective for the program and the learner. ( These are different) 

Next think of the key ideas

What do the ideas include

Do these ideas require additional explanation?

You have now maped your program and script.

Most of the learning I develop is for a general audience so I keep the complexity level of the writing to a grade school level. But I don't see how this way won't be effective in writing for any level as long as you have knowledge to write at a more complex level.