How would you create this in Articulate?

I've been gathering design thoughts and inspirations in Evernote and wondered if this was doable in Articulate Studio.

On the page, the images that you see at the top slide from right to left to reveal a new image when you click on the words/label and I think this is a neat way to think about navigation or do an interaction. I tweeted the question and Jeannette suggested that I post it in the forum. 

Anyone done this before/think they have an answer to how to do it? Thanks community!


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Holly MacDonald

Wow, this style must be "in" with web developers - here's another great one I found with the vertical sliders, it has a few additional elements for those who are more advanced: Kind of ties the other question I asked about cumulative input to this: 

Love all the samples, templates, shares, etc. Such a fab community to be a part of, really appreciate the effort of all involved. 

Jeff Kortenbosch

The sliders are very, I am in the process of thinking up some new navigation slide templates for our internal elearning templates and this is a very nice one! I was also thinking about setting up a Windows8 Tablet kind of navigation:

Has anyone ever made something like this?