How would you do this Interaction?

Mar 01, 2011

Hi all,

Hope you have your thinking caps on today! So I have an interaction that lets the users dim the lights in a picture. On each slide is a picture of a light control and the user clicks the buttons to turn the lights up and down. I do this in Presenter, using a set of slides with links.

To make this tremendously more complex, I was asked if it would be possible to create an interaction that allowed the user to control and mix 2 different sets of lights in the picture using 2 sets of controller buttons. Is this possible using only the Articulate family of products? I'm up to try anything, but I don't know how I prepare for the mixing of the 2 parameters without making hundereds of similar looking slides...

What do you think?

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Zara Ogden

You can do anything you put your mind to.

The problem is that the more variables the more slides required. You would have to calculate the total number of variables. then you would have to create that number of slides. you also would have to very smartly hyperlink all them. You can do all this in PPT.

For example If there are 2 nobs with 3 options each then there are 9 variables so you would need 9 slides one for each variable.

Adrian Gates

Awww, thanks, Zara. I'm all pumped up and motivated now!

So my permutations seem like they will get out of hand very quickly just as slides, since each setting will need to have a set of links to adjust every other setting...but then again I'm trying to have fluid animation of the controls at the start of each slide and random access of any slide from another, so I think I'm making many more variables than I actually need. So I'll simplify and see what happens.

So does anyone know of another development tool I could use for this scenario I could then import to my training via web object or flash object?

Steve Flowers

This tool might be a bit painful for a beginner, but it'll allow you to code online and compile SWF's:

There are some interesting tools here - you might have some luck with these:

I'd also consider simplifying your demonstration. Perhaps something like this would work:

You show your space with no lighting (state 0). At the bottom of the screen you have three configuration groupings. Each of these links to a lighting configuration. One might show the switch configuration with the first switch on setting 1 and the second switch on setting 3. The others would show a variety of settings. This would allow folks to play with the settings just enough to get a feel for the concept without you having to pull your hair out pulling it off


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