How you got your first e-learning project?

Jun 27, 2017

I am just starting with Articulate and feels like that this tool is capable of making simple to complex e-learning modules.  I am wondering how you as a Articulate learner started with course development. Excited to hear how you got your first project.

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Madeline F

Hi Rachna!

I'm not sure if your question was how I got the first project I worked on or how I approached it? When I approached Storyline for the first time, I must admit I was a little overwhelmed because I had expectations and deadlines but this chat community is so great! Usually if I post a question I can get a response within a day or so and fix whatever issue I have! 

Good luck!

Eric Nalian

I started off with Studio before Storyline came out - When I was first starting out with eLearning, the company I worked for was also new to this as well.  I created a few sample projects in Studio, and a few other tools.

I then shared the demos, and talked over the pros/cons of each tool, swaying the rooms preference towards Articulate products.

Nicole Legault

Hey Rachna!

Thanks for joining the E-Learning Heroes community, and thanks for posting your question here! E-learning is such an exciting field to be in - the technology is always evolving and changing so we're always learning new things. It's a mix of writing, and visual design, and interface design which is a lot of fun :) Being in the community for years now I get a sense that many people (myself included) kind of "fell into" e-learning and training by some kind of accident or act of fate haha and then they discover this is a whole industry and they love it and run with it. 

Personally I have to say my personal professional blog (Flirting with E-Learning, I started it in 2011) has been HUGE in helping me develop my e-learning career. Through my blog I proved that I was a) able to create e-learning b) willing to share my knowledge and expertise and c) was a good writer. I actually got my last 2 jobs (including this one working for Articulate) BECAUSE of my blog and the stuff I was doing on it. So having a blog and putting your name and examples out there will undoubtedly help you in a huge way. That's something I would recommend you consider. 

I agree with Phil that having an e-learning portfolio is extremely important (here's a few related articles: What to Include in an E-Learning Portfolio & 4 Reasons You Don't have an E-Learning Portfolio) and that you should start participating in the Weekly E-Learning Challenges as  a way to practice, grow your skills, get ideas for what to create, and get samples/examples you can use in your portfolio. Past challenges always remain open so you can jump into anything that interests you and David, who manages the challenges, is super friendly and helpful if you have questions.

Also, sometimes its nice to look at E-Learning Examples just to get an idea of whats actually possible with Storyline.  Hope this helps :) Good luck with your awesome new e-learning journey...

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