html 5 versions of published training

We are producing training modules in studio 13 incorporating quizzes and video and publishing to our LMS for both html5 users.  We test fully on both pc and iPad

Although many of our users are able to complete their training, many others are having download difficulties on various devices, mostly iPad and we suspect quality of internet connection/wi-fi is the issue.  Are there any forthcoming updates to Studio 13 which will ease this problem. Our customers are becoming frustrated.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else experiences similar problems with their published content.

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Wouter Beijersbergen

Hi Jo and Articulate staff,

Funny that there are no other replies on this matter. I'm using studio '13 as well and my courses are hosted in our LMS, but also on ftp-servers. The HTML-5 output is just not as good as the flash-output. That means that quizzes, video's and the glossary interaction in my player tab don't work properly. The quality of the pictures is poor compared with the flash-output (when I choose fill the browser with the player. It's not an option for me to choose the optimal size, you get a tiny player, I don't want my users to look for their reading glasses). And now I also experienced that although I have flash running on my desktop, the course automatically chooses to show the HTML-5 output.

I can't imagine that articulate doesn't know about these problems, so please tell me/us:
- are you working on these problems
- when is the problem fixed (timeline
- are you gonna fix it with an update or are you planning a new release? (articulate '17/'18, that would be awesome!)

My commentary is a bit negative, but know this I am a big supporter of articulate, only not so much a fan of the HTML-5 output.

Thank you in advance for your reaction!

(Articulate user since 2012)