HTML5/Flash vs Flash/HTML5 Publishing Options

Hi, I was experiencing the issue that has been discussed a lot recently of my Open Sans font (or Arial, Helvetica, etc) in my course appearing as Times New Roman for those viewing the course using IE 11. By changing my publish option from HTML5 with Flash fallback, to Flash with HTML5 fallback, this seems to resolve the issue and font displays correctly as Open Sans in IE 11.

The questions I have are:

  • Should I just always publish as Flash with HTML5 fallback going forward to address the font issue?
  • What are the pros and cons of each publishing option with respect to how affects the end user?


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Comprehend eLearning

So I understand that with 360's Modern Text,  "what you see in the Storyline editor is what learners will see in their browsers". But this is not the case (at least for my IE 11 users). I've tested numerous sans serif fonts and all are appearing in IE 11 as Times serif font when I publish as HTML5 with Flash backup. Only publishing as Flash with HTML5 backup seems to resolve this.

Reading several other posts on this issue, recommendation seems to be to get users to use a different browser, or have them change IE settings. These aren't options for me, so publishing as Flash with HTML5 backup is the only solution? Back to my initial question, are there any disadvantages with publishing as Flash with HTML5 backup that I may not be aware of? I do realize Flash will no longer be supported by browsers in the future.