HTML5 Interactive Hotspots

I subscribe to the the Ipad version of "National Geographic" through Zinio and their stunning pics frequently have interactive hotspots. Also, I downloaded the free app "Londinium" to my Ipad and they also have some very stunning graphics, with hotspots that bring up videos, audio and other popup images. Does Storyline have that capability? Does anyone know what tool the "National Geographic" and the History Channel use to create those interactive graphics?

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steve mcmillen

Hey Richard,

Though I can't speak to what they develop their content with or what features Storyline has to offer (then seriously Steve, why are you posting?). I can say that from a purely HTML/Javascript standpoint it isn't that big of a deal to do that.  Simply building some HTML

structures over the image that serve as buttons that trigger additional dynamically added content wouldn't be a big deal.

If you use a Mac at all there is a pretty nice tool for developing HTML5 content called Hype that greatly speeds up the development time assuming your ok with living within the confines of rapid development tools.  Adobe is also starting to tease about their upcoming Edge software and there is a limited function pre release of it available.  Adobe's Edge has a way to go to move past just the simple animation that it does now but it certainly alludes to things to come. Hype could actually be a nice tool for some very basic elearning development though with HTML5 audio support is a big issue as their is inconstancies in what codec's are supported by various browsers and in fact Hype doesn't provide any tools in that area.